Divorce Sales

In a divorce or other separation, both parties need to quickly liquidate large portions of the household to split the assets between them. The whole house may not be included, but major items like furniture and appliances, as well as valuable pieces like art and jewelry can be more easily split once turned into cash.

When we operate a Sacramento divorce sale, we treat it as any other estate sale. Items that are staying with the family are first removed, then the remaining items are displayed, priced, and advertised. Experts are brought in to provide values on unique items or things outside our range of expertise. After the sale, a full sales report is provided along with a check for the proceeds of the sale.

Your divorce is a stressful time. We'll make it easier by taking over this aspect of the separation for you.

Upcoming Estate Sales

  • Fri, May 31 9:00am
  • Sat, June 1 9:00am
  • Sun, June 2 9:00am

  • Fri, June 7 9:00am
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