Pricing your items

Estate sales are good for getting a good price for all items in your home and clearing it out quickly. It's a good balance between the speed of sale and getting a high price. Selling the entire contents of the home in a single weekend will liquidate the estate quickly and efficiently.

A conflict often arises when a client has seen the same or similar item in an antique store, online auction, or one of the popular resale market television shows like Pawn Stars or Antiques Roadshow. The value quoted there usually doesn't match the actual price that their item sells for.

There's a number of reasons for this. First, the quality and location of the item will significantly affect its value. Buying trends are regional, and something that sells for a large sum in one part of the country may sell for much less in a different region. It's also difficult to compare the condition of an item you've seen online or on television to the one you have in your hand.

Second, the prices displayed in these venues is almost always the asking price, not the actual sales price. Many antique stores will accept offers much below the asking price, making their published price almost meaningless.

Third, the speed of sale affects the price. When things must be sold quickly, they sell for less money. Getting top dollar would require that you individually advertise and sell each item, possibly waiting weeks or months for each item to sell. The extra money you'd get for doing that would not be worth the time and expense it would take to do it.

We price items to sell quickly, using our years of experience to guide our values. We know how to price items in order to achieve a balance between sales price and sales speed.

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