What can we sell?

Don't throw it out! People are often surprised at what items we're able to sell at one of our Sacramento-area estate sales. Things that you might not realize are highly collectible. Old shaving gear, tools, tin cans, lamps, toys, and keys are just some examples of things that people often discard, but could be sold instead.

Even opened bottles of cleaning supplies, everyday dishes, and bed linens can be sold.

There are some items that we can't sell, however, due to legal restrictions. Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products will not be sold. Firearms cannot be sold at the estate sale, but we will work with local gun dealers to sell these legally. If the family of the estate does not want these items, we will dispose of them in a safe manner.

Before you clean out the house and discard things, let us have a look. We'll tell you what items we'll sell and what things you should take or discard before the sale.